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About Silver4Gold

Who We Are

We are an exclusive, members only establishment that provides a complete range of business solutions and boutique personal services to logistics leaders. Each and every one of our services has been designed from the ground up to support logistics leaders by professionals with extensive industry wide know how.

We are a professional services organization that actively supports its members with the development of new business opportunities, whilst also providing operational business support courtesy of our range of tailor-made services. We also offer an extensive range of personalized and private services to improve the lives of busy logistics executives.  As internationally experienced logistics professionals we know what works and what does not and as our members and business connections will testify, we always go the extra mile to deliver an ultra-personalized service. 

From the moment when you join Silver4Gold you become part of our exclusive club, which means that your business and personal success now becomes our business. Join us today and reap the benefits from full membership. 

Exclusive Membership

As a Silver4Gold elite member you become part of an exclusive club where everybody wins. We understand value and it is our mission to ensure that each of our members receives the maximum possible reward from their membership with us. To that end membership registration with Silver4Gold has been restricted within the range of 2-5 logistics companies per country based on geographically recorded trade volumes. Once we have the fulfilled our maximum quota of members for a specific territory new registrations will be frozen for that location until such time as a vacant slot becomes available. 

What Our Members Can Expect

As a newly registered member of our exclusive club you will receive a personalized welcome kit, a brochure of our services, together with a secure login to our portal, which will grant access to the members only areas of our site including our logistics forum.  We will then follow up by making a personal introduction for you and your business to our members and one of our friendly team members will provide a personalized overview of how to access services that you are now entitled to as a full club member.  

Personal Care

At Silver4Gold we understand that time is money and that busy logistics executives are frequently on the road. That is why we have put together a highly personalized set of services to make life that little bit easier. As an Elite member of our club you will be allocated a personal account manager whose job it is to make your job easier.

From travel bookings, to insurance arrangements, to international concierge services your account manager is here to help you. If you see a service that is not listed in our personal care pack, but that you would like our accounts team to help with please tell us and we will try to accommodate your needs. 

Business Connect

Each of our elite members will receive full access to our business connect package. Business Connect is designed to help our members to grow their professional network, develop new business opportunities internationally and engage the support of industry wide professionals.

As part of the business connect offer our logistics professionals will identify relevant tendering opportunities in specific geographical territories and disseminate these to our members. Additionally, we will organize international conferences, broker introductions with leading global exporters and provide a secure forum for knowledge exchange.

Professional services

In a logistics business there are a lot of moving parts, and at times it is not easy to manage all the pieces. Within our professional services packages we provide support with some of the essentials. For members looking for hands on support to develop their businesses we provide a comprehensive range of offline and online services, from financial services to tradeshow support, marketing and web design.

In each of these areas we have pre-qualified professional services offers from firms that have specific logistics expertise. 

In need of short term resources to cover a peak period for any aspect of your business? we can help. 

Looking for the best price for a marketing professional? talk to us.